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Finding the Gifts | Practicing Gratitude

Before bed each night, I try to always find the time to review my day and the gifts I received throughout. Sometimes it’s easy … sometimes, not so much. When I have a really good day, I take the time to go over the details later, savoring them a second or third time. Eking as…

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Full Potential Podcast – Episode 042 – Brent Robertson

Brent shares some fantastic advice about his company Fathom made a pivot with their business model which made him happier and more successful. We also discuss his latest business venture, Purpose Practiced which is designed to help individuals and families lead a life with more intention.

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So similar to earth in so many ways, Venus was thought to be earth’s sister planet, and possibly hospitable. However more recent discoveries show that it has a median temp of ~750 degrees and an atmospheric pressure 9-times earth filled with noxious C02. (Note Venus toward the center right of this picture) Though much farther…

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