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Living on purpose VS. living YOUR purpose. It’s a nuance worth taking a deeper dive into.

So many of us go through life reacting to what happens to us – accepting a promotion when one is offered, starting a family because it’s what is expected, staying on a path because it’s an easy walk.

But what if you took the time to deliberately choose where you wanted to end up … and then create a plan and support system to lead you directly there? And what if this plan was first rooted in every way to your core belief system? Doing what truly matters to you, and in full alignment with your values and beliefs. Woah. That’s powerful.

When you’re in alignment, life is right. Things are easy, and everything just works. You feel alive, passionate, and lit up from within. You are connected with your purpose of WHY you are. And then everything starts to unfold like a flower in blossom. You see how to get where you’re going, and you do it naturally and with ease. Finally, you’re sure of yourself, even if you’re scared at the same time.

THAT is what it means to live your purpose.


The initial Purpose Practiced experience takes place over three, 3-hour workshops spaced about one-week apart.

WORKSHOP ONE: DISCOVERY | Stand on new ground and be able to clearly visualize and articulate your ideal future.

WORKSHOP TWO: FOCUS | Understand and prioritize where your energy can be spent to bring your ideal future to life.

WORKSHOP THREE: ACTION | Build a practical action plan to integrate your new discoveries into the reality of your new life.

COMMUNITY: THE PRACTICE LAB | HAPPINESS HOURS | SPECIAL EVENTS | Once you complete all three initial workshops, you will be fully equipped to take on the things that will get you to the future you want, and to connect with other members of the Purpose Practiced community to join in the collective strength of others who are on the journey with you.


The investment for the Purpose Practiced experience, and entrance into the Community is $3,000.

This money is an investment in your future, one you can barely even dream of. Yet. We will give you the tools and the framework and walk with you as you journey to discover a new way of living. You will have a new way to exist in the world to create a life with more intention and discover fundamental ideas about who you are, why you are, and the future you long for, while building an action plan for how to get there. Fast.


The time commitment starts with three, 3-hour workshops spaced about one-week apart. So that’s nine hours of your focus and attention within a life-changing framework, designed to help you discover, develop, and deliver on your dreams must faster then you could do alone. Many, many clients have set success timelines for three years out, only to have achieved what they dreamed of and set out to achieve in three months. This is not an exaggeration. We have the success stories to back up this claim.

The additional time commitment after the three 3-hour workshops is then entirely up to you. We have weekly virtual meet-ups with our amazing community of Purpose Practiced friends, all who support and uplift one another on their collective journey to a purposeful future. We also host ongoing workshops and recalibration sessions where you can continue to hone your path forward. Many find that the ongoing support from our founders and the community is one of the best parts of going through the Purpose Practiced process. But you need to participate in the program before gaining access to the community through our online Purpose Lab portal.


Purpose Practiced is a unique developmental program because we deliver a lifetime effect. First, we provide you with a groundbreaking framework to guide your discovery of your ideal future, and why it matters to you and the world. Then, we help you organize and focus your actions to live each day more boldly. And then we welcome you into an international community of others who support each other in living into their greatest possibility.


INDIVIDUALS | If you are committed to your personal and professional development, this experience will equip you with new insights and frameworks to put you on the path to the future you want, and take decisive action to call that future into existence in the most powerful and effective ways.

COUPLES | Warning: This program isn’t for couples looking for a relationship ‘tune-up’, but is positioned for those who are looking to strengthen both their bonds and their deepest understanding of how they can walk together into a future with a shared vision of purpose.

For couples just starting out, or those long into a relationship, this experience is an opportunity to dream your biggest dreams for your partnership, or to adapt to changes life has brought to your journey together. You can create a way to live into the future you want in a way that not only brings you closer together, but also stronger as individuals.

FAMILIES | Family dynamics are complex, and in that complexity, attempts to be proactive about planning for the future can seem difficult if not impossible. The Purpose Practiced experience allows families to come together, express their hopes and ideas in a safe and positive environment that encourages making decisions openly, compassionately and with everyone’s best interest in mind.


It’s a tongue twister, right?

The name Purpose Practiced was chosen because it represents a fundamental truth the team and all its clients realized – that living a purpose driven life is best achieved when approached as a playful and experimental, yet rigorous and disciplined, practice. A daily practice of acknowledging the abundant choices we have, and choosing with intention how to be in the world, and what to do with our precious time.

The name does not roll-off-the-tongue so easily either, precisely to have one need to stop and think before saying the words. In fact, saying the name is itself a practice of choosing to be thoughtful about what it is you are going to say next.


The Purpose Practiced logo was designed to represent the three circles of the core technology, and the composition of the circles is meant to convey the unfolding or blooming that occurs throughout the Purpose Practiced experience.


Reach out to us at A real person – one of the founders in fact (Brent Robertson, Jessica Mand, Olga Fernandez, Sarah Laub, Rebekah Castagno or Mike Marques) – will get back to you within 24 hours.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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