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Do you believe that you are “Intrinsically Unique”?

Have you ever sought evidence that you belong by identifying what you have in common or ways you are similar to others? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Everything from personality tests to shared hobbies and interests intend to label us.

Often, we spend our lives focused externally, seeking to prove to ourselves and others that we belong. It is that very pursuit that keeps us from realizing that we already belong…we always have.

What gives us the right to belong?

Simply stated…our breath. My friend Olga said, ‘If you are breathing you belong.’

For years, it was my reflex to seek out books, seminars, TEDtalks, and various programs to find my place in the world. While I had certainly collected treasures along the self-help path, I was left more confused and emptier than when I began my quest. I discovered that I was trying to build an identity on a shaky and fragile foundation, which would allow me to crumble at any given moment. This formula wasn’t working. It was messy, unpredictable, and exhausting.

Believing that I was created for a unique purpose is the solid foundation I build upon today. There are times when believing this is a daily choice, but my choice provides a safe place for those treasures I collected, and continue to collect, to take root and grow.

What makes Purpose Practiced distinct?

Rather than categorizing or assigning individuals to a “grouping”, Purpose Practiced leads to the core of what makes each one of us intrinsically unique. It is through understanding our individual calling that we can recognize the value we bring to the world, and know we are needed. The effect of the Purpose Practiced experience is both immediate and ongoing.

As we embrace the song that we alone were born to sing, our presence enhances every atmosphere. When our unique songs come together, we create a vibration that shakes the earth. The sound of unity. The harmony of belonging.

Here are a few awareness exercises and thoughts to consider:

What have you anchored your value to that is temporal?

Take notice of your thoughts. Are there times you try to justify your belonging? Do you ever find yourself thinking and telling yourself something such as “Now I know I belong because…”?

Free yourself from the entangled narratives you recite to yourself in exchange for declaring this one simple truth: I belong. I am valuable. I have a unique purpose. Because? Because it’s what’s true. Any other narrative that contradicts or dilutes that truth will serve to break down, and ultimately rob you of your intrinsically unique value and purpose.

Who you are becoming is always unfolding, but your intrinsic value and worth are never negotiable. Let “I belong” be the foundation on which you build the life you were created for.


  1. ds on November 14, 2020 at 7:54 AM

    If this is a result of Purpose Practiced, then do no stop! I am overwhelmed and moved by your carefully thought out, nurtured, and beautifully crafted words and intention.
    It occurred to me that your message is like the kiss on a palm that has been blown from a loving heart, with loving lips and breath, and that now travels out like millions of particles, seeking their new host – a place to land, to take up residence, and to alter a life forever.
    Keep this coming.

  2. G. Waters on November 14, 2020 at 3:11 PM

    Beautifully expressed, by one who has lived a purposeful life for many years. A great teacher is one who guides students towards their own goals, Rebekah’s own purpose. As she says, start with the assumption you belong. You are indeed here – now what?

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