Full Potential Podcast – Episode 042 – Brent Robertson

Episode 042 of The Full Potential Podcast features Brent Robertson. Brent is an inspirational entrepreneur shares his career journey including a discussion on owning 2 businesses and launching one of those during this global pandemic.

Brent shares some fantastic advice about his company Fathom made a pivot with their business model which made him happier and more successful. We also discuss his latest business venture, Purpose Practiced which is designed to help individuals and families lead a life with more intention.


  • Purpose Practiced

    The Purpose Practiced experience delivers a lifetime effect. First, it provides a groundbreaking framework to guide your discovery of your ideal future, and why it matters to you and the world. Then, it helps you organize and focus your actions to live each day more boldly. And, it welcomes you into a national community of others who support each other in living into their greatest possibility.

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