Jessica Mand, guest speaker on the ‘Talking about Practice?’ podcast.

Purpose Practiced co-Founder JESSICA MAND, joined Dave Fearon in EPISODE 73 of the ‘Talking about Practice’ podcast, and spoke with obvious excitement about helping people find their deeper purpose … and how to put it into practice.

“TO SEE WHAT THE FUTURE COULD BE … if we had deliberate focus and energy. The future would then be limitless.”

Jessica Mand, Purpose Practiced co-Founder

Purpose and Practice are swirled into one distinguishing behavior. Intentional vs aimless. As purpose goes out of focus and/or practice loses revitalizing daily habits, we can feel the painful difference. Sagging spirits, fading enthusiasm. It doesn’t have to be that way!

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  • Jess Mand

    Jessica Mand is an award-winning, results-driven communications leader and Founder of INDEMAND Communications, who helps companies engage, inspire, and activate employees, organizations and teams. She works with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses on communications strategy, content creation, and creative communications projects, personalizing each client’s message to their chosen audience in a way that is memorable and meaningful. A creative storyteller who simplifies complex business scenarios, Jessica delivers innovative and engaging communications programs with real, positive impact. Jessica is also a co-founder of and practitioner in Purpose Practiced, where she works with individuals to help them realize their life's purpose, and bring their desired future into reality. She believes that developing a deliberate path to the future amplifies everyone’s ability to access the abundance available to us all. Mand Jess

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