Brent Robertson Creator

For as long as I can remember, people have shown up to me wanting to share their dreams and ambitions (often for the first time). I knew these conversations were important, and I wanted to take more responsibility for honoring and activating them. That commitment began a practice that I offered to people who wanted to translate their dreams into reality. For several years I would spend evenings and weekends guiding people through what would become Purpose Practiced. 30-40 people later, it was clear, anyone committed to the practice quickly found themselves living in a reality that was an impossible dream just a year or so before. It was then that the idea of Purpose Practiced was born, and the core team, who had lovingly seen to it that the practice became a business, was formed.

I believe that we have the infinite capacity to contribute to what we believe in, which drives my commitment to creating a world where more of us can be fully expressed, bring everything we have to all we do. As creator of Purpose Practiced, I am gifted with the opportunity to guide individuals, couples and families toward a path to a life they didn’t know was possible. As co-founder of Fathom, I lead businesses and communities to an existence where they perform beyond what their history, or their category says is possible. In either role, what I have discovered is that the more of our humanity we reveal, share and take action on behalf of, the more abundance, impact and joy is available to us. All of us.

In everything I do, my ultimate ambition is to use every ounce of influence I have to shift our society from one that idolizes those that take the most from the world, to one that cherishes those that contribute the most to the world. We, as human beings, are designed to build a world much greater than the one we’ve created. I believe everything has prepared us for this very moment, the moment to start living up to humanity's potential.

Jessica Mand Founder

Finding your Purpose is a life-changing event. I know and live this fact every day. Previously, I coasted through the world as manager of my own circumstances, not (yet) acting as the creator of my life. However, when given the gift of guidance and an inward gaze, I finally surfaced what was there all along. A deep insight into my own heart to find my life purpose. Now, as a Leader and core team member of Purpose Practiced, I have been gifted with guiding others along their own purposeful journey.

Over the years as a communications leader in the corporate realm, I honed my ability to listen and synthesize complex messages so all audiences can understand what’s needed. Then I discovered that I have access to an additional energetic level of sensitivity as an empath, which allows me to tap into the unsaid and help people reach even deeper levels of understanding of their own inner truths. To compliment this special skill, I then achieved my Reiki Master certification in 2019.

All of this gives me a special set of tools to help others design a future with more intention, love and purpose.

I believe we have the power to manifest our every desire. Which drives my commitment to wield my abilities to amplify our connection to universal energy and the endless mysteries of the ethereal source flowing through us.

I hope you join us on this journey. Get ready to redefine the “possible” of your future.

Olga Fernandez Founder

There have been countless times in my life when I believed in someone more than they believed in themselves. A person's truest spirit always shows up in every interaction, no matter the circumstances. When it does, I'm always able to spot it. Until now, I wished for a way to reflect what I see back to them, so they can experience and embrace their light, and use it to shape their life into the masterpiece it's meant to be.

Purpose Practiced is the mirror I've longed for. Now, as a Purpose Practiced Leader, I have an effective way to help people clearly see all the way into themselves, and activate what is most powerful about who they are. Watching the awareness emerge, and the energy surge out of them is like watching the waves in Malibu–strong, sure, enduring–an expression of life at its peak perfection.

Thanks to all of you with whom I've worked, and all of you I'll soon meet. It is a thrill and an honor to support all of you on the most gorgeous, meaningful, amazing journey of your lifetime!

Michael Marques Founder

My career began as a portrait photographer in the editorial field. As exciting and invigorating as running around New York City can be, I often found myself questioning how I was making a living. It was always the preparation before a shoot that was appealing to me; researching my subjects and stories to make sure I was creating a narrative that was authentic and exceeded my clients' expectations. We are surrounded by so much content, that it is often hard to discern what matters. I strive to work with organizations that value my abilities to present a perspective that challenges the ideals of their visual brand.

The confidence I am able to bring to a collaboration is the direct result of having experienced Purpose Practiced. The amount of clarity and understanding I have developed is nothing I could have done on my own. I am so grateful to be part of this organization that will allow me to help others reveal their true selves and create conditions that allow them to embrace the process of what they see is possible.

Sarah Laub Founder

I am fascinated and curious about our innate intelligence. I have always known there is a part of ourselves that knows all the answers to all of our questions. This part can adeptly guide us on any journey we are called to take. Unfortunately, many of us are not used to taking or making the time to listen to that part of ourselves in order to "get by" and cope with everyday life.

Purpose Practiced is the gift we can give to ourselves and our loved ones so we can hear and listen to the answers and desires that live within us.

I find it the greatest privilege to hold the space for others to finally, clearly hear their soul’s voice - the dreams that most have held since childhood. It is incredible to watch this rebirth. Once people see where they most want to focus their energies and why, they can then make a plan to make their dreams come true. It is an honor to be part of this life-changing process, and the uplifting Purpose Practiced community of those whose lives are forever changed and thriving.

Rebekah Castagno Founder

I have always been intrigued with the concept of integrity. Where does integrity exist? Why does it get violated? And, how is it sustained? My life included many experiences that caused my own and others' integrity to take a back seat to more superficial, dangerous interests. These experiences finally culminated, and like a tremendous cloud burst, resulted in a re-birth and re-invention of my life built on my relationship with God.

Since stepping into the light, I continually look for opportunities to share this hope with others. My work with some of the most oppressed–including incarcerated women and women trapped in sex trafficking– reinforced to me the importance of having advocates that believe the best about us no matter what, and see our eternal value.

Purpose Practiced equips me with the ability to create that space and advocacy for others. When each person is able to embrace the simple, yet profound belief that they are created on purpose for a purpose, it changes everything, and creates a ripple effect that’s virtually impossible to measure.

As a founding member of Purpose Practice, I am a steward of the integrity of the work. My passion is guiding people on a life-giving journey that allows them to find the meaning of their existence, and step fully into wholeness and joy.

Live into your possibility

Live into your possibility