Jessica Mand

New Company Helps People Find Life’s Purpose

There is an interesting new company started by some local residents that helps people find their purpose in life. Hence the name: Purpose Practiced. The program helps individuals or couples redefine their future with a deeper sense of purpose. Six local professionals, including Jessica Mand (a Glastonbury High School grad), started the business to show people how to have a life with more intention (we could all use that right?!). There are multiple testimonials from participants who say the program changed their lives dramatically setting them on the path to their greatest potential and connected them to the things that truly matter in their life.

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  • Purpose Practiced

    The Purpose Practiced experience delivers a lifetime effect. First, it provides a groundbreaking framework to guide your discovery of your ideal future, and why it matters to you and the world. Then, it helps you organize and focus your actions to live each day more boldly. And, it welcomes you into a national community of others who support each other in living into their greatest possibility. Practiced Purpose

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