So similar to earth in so many ways, Venus was thought to be earth’s sister planet, and possibly hospitable. However more recent discoveries show that it has a median temp of ~750 degrees and an atmospheric pressure 9-times earth filled with noxious C02.

(Note Venus toward the center right of this picture)

Though much farther from the sun than Mercury, it’s much hotter and brighter. In fact it’s the second brightest object in the solar system, can cast shadows and be seen in the daylight hours hear on earth.

Because it’s rotation is the opposite of every planet sans Uranus, it shows on our horizon to welcome the night at sunset and welcome the day at dawn. Every day.

The more we’ve gone from trying to find how like it is to earth, and focus on how unique and different a place it is, the more it has captured our imaginations.

Venus isn’t trying to be anything but what it is. And the more we see and know, the more it draws our attention.

I think we all fundamentally understand the point I’m making. So it’s curious why we hide who we really are so often. Is it just to seem similar and relatable?

What is your truth, that if was known would have you stand apart, be see differently, show what makes you remarkable?

Maybe it’s time to find out?



  • Brent Robertson

    I believe that we have the infinite capacity to contribute to what we believe in, which drives my commitment to creating a world where more of us can be fully expressed, bring everything we have to all we do. As creator of Purpose Practiced, I am gifted with the opportunity to guide individuals, couples and families on the path to their ideal lives. As co-founder of Fathom, I lead businesses and communities to an existence where they perform beyond what their history, or their category says is possible. In either role, what I have discovered is that the more of our humanity we reveal, share and take action on behalf of, the more abundance, impact and joy is available to us. All of us.

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