The toxic stories that need to die never surrender quietly

You know the stories. The one about how you can’t do this or that, and that you are crazy, even irresponsible to dream so big. The one about how you are not enough, and someone better qualified with more experience and resources should do it. That story that provides compelling evidence that the world doesn’t need what you want to provide. The one that reminds you about what happened when you tried and failed, and how painful and embarrassing it was. The one that convinces you that the world might find out you have no idea what you are doing.

Because these stories come from us, it can be very convincing that we are cursed forever to be limited by their bounds. But that is their intent, to bind us to some state of existence that favors them, and the closer we get to breaking free from that state, the louder they become as they fight for their existence. 

These stories only exist if we allow it. 

Imagine that each of those toxic little stories are life forms. They come to life as a consequence of your existence, and they stay in existence as long as you keep them alive. And when they creep up and haunt you, it’s because an opportunity to step past them has occurred, and it is a threat to their existence. Any life form that is facing an unwilling death, will fight to the finish. 

These stories are no different, and they will be cunning and clever, and come at you when you are most vulnerable, usually right before an opportunity to step forward presents itself. These stories know you, because you wrote them, and they will use everything they know about you to their advantage. 

It’s always darkest before the dawn

These stories will bring us into the darkest of caves, hoping that there is no chance of the light getting in. When you are feeling their power over you grow, take heart, the light is coming soon so keep going!

The best way to kill off these stories is to give them nowhere to go, and nothing to feed on. Cloud them and confuse them with your actions toward what you want. Eliminate room for them by filling up your mind and life with the stories that are calling you forward, calling you higher. And when the toxic stories are at their worst, call for the help of your community, your loved ones, the people in your life that can help you discern what is only a story and who you really are right now, who you are becoming, and why it matters.

An invitation to an antidote

If you’ve never experienced a community of people like this, I invite you to check out Purpose Practiced, a personal development program for those who are unwilling to leave their next chapter to chance. One of the most powerful aspects of Purpose Practiced is the community, both online and in-person, that serves as an oasis for people to work on creating their story of the future and to release the limiting stories of their past. And to extend the most gorgeous of human acts, reminding people of their most beautiful parts, and why they matter so much to the world.

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    I believe that we have the infinite capacity to contribute to what we believe in, which drives my commitment to creating a world where more of us can be fully expressed, bring everything we have to all we do. As creator of Purpose Practiced, I am gifted with the opportunity to guide individuals, couples and families on the path to their ideal lives. As co-founder of Fathom, I lead businesses and communities to an existence where they perform beyond what their history, or their category says is possible. In either role, what I have discovered is that the more of our humanity we reveal, share and take action on behalf of, the more abundance, impact and joy is available to us. All of us.

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