What is Purpose Practiced? – Informational seminar

You might have heard about it, or have a friend who has experienced it, but what is Purpose Practiced? In this seminar, we will share the details of the program including, how it works and who’s involved, but even more importantly, why it works and what you can expect as a result of having the experience. Join Brent Robertson, creator of Purpose Practiced, along with other founding members for what will be a rich and inspiring conversation.  

For those for whom Purpose Practiced is new, for those who have benefited from the experience, this is your chance to introduce your friends and loved ones to Purpose Practiced.

About Purpose Practiced:

Purpose Practiced is a developmental program for those who are unwilling to leave the next chapter of their lives up to chance. Specifically designed for individuals, couples, and families, Purpose Practiced is for those who are at a stage in their lives where the opportunity to design a future with more purpose, more effect, and more joy has made itself available.

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