Wishing versus Summoning: How to Harvest Abundance Within the Field of Infinite Possibilities

With the end of the year here, many of us yearn for a new fresh start in 2021. 

But before releasing hold of 2020, I think it’s important to take the time for a quick review of all the blessings that did materialize, even in spite of the many, many challenges we all lived through.

The blessings are there if you look closely.

  • The friends, family and community that showed up and showed support.
  • The Zoom calls, meetings, happiness hours that sill allowed us to forge a sense of connection, even if we couldn’t share hugs or handshakes.
  • The time spent in quiet reflection. Outdoors in nature. Or at home snuggled in bed with a fur baby or two.
  • The slower pace of living.
  • Baking bread and a renewed enthusiasm for cooking all the things!
  • And so many other blessings…

Now is also the time to set New Year’s resolutions… Or as I prefer to think of them, new year intentions. The distinction is important because when setting resolutions, you are resolving to make a change or do something different because something wasn’t working. Whereas when setting intentions, you are asking the universe to manifest something beautiful and magical, allowing it to unfold in your life.

Wishing VS Summoning – What’s the Difference? 

So many of us, we spend our time and attention wishing for things to be different… Wishing for change… Wishing for something better than what you have… The grass is always greener on the other side, right? But I’d like to encourage us in making a mindset shift. Instead of wishing … Why not summon it to you? 

Wishing is simply asking for something you don’t really believe that you’ll get.

Summoning however opens up the realm of the possible. It’s not a one-and-done activity, but it takes energy… and a sustained belief that anything is possible.

I want to challenge us to ask for what we want by pushing beyond self-imposed boundaries and tapping into the energy of the universe. Why limit our dreams and aspirations? If “no” was not an option, what would we ask for? In 2021 it’s time for us to dream BIG! 

I am here to tell you. Everyone can do it. We all have the ability… the power to summon.

The Elements of Summoning, AKA The Recipe for Magic

Here are the seven simple steps to follow when summoning your dreams and desires forward:

Step 1: Get SUPER clear on what you want. See it. Use all your senses to describe it. The more details, the better!

Step 2: Ask the universe. And continue to ask the universe for what you want once a day. It could be a part of your meditation practice. Or something you do when driving to the store. Keep a sticky note in places where you can see it with your ‘ask’ on it. Or keep a manifesting journal.

Step 3: Trust the process. Have faith. Let go. THIS IS HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS.

Step 4: Be aware of what the universe sends to you … it might not look exactly like what you asked for. It might be BETTER than you imagined.

Step 5: Receive and acknowledge what you get. Show gratitude!

Step 6: Keep your vibration high. BE the things you want to attract. Be love. Be wealth. 

Step 7: Clear your resistance. To change. To an old mindset. Let go of the old ways of thinking in order to allow space for the new.

Summoning opens up the realm of the possible. It’s not a one-and-done activity, but it takes energy… and a sustained belief that anything is possible.

When “no” is Not an Option

Personally, if ‘no’ wasn’t an option, I’d manifest health in the form of a new activity (I’m thinking about joining a Dojo and learning Karate). I would manifest abundance in the form of exciting clients and interesting projects. I’d summon the unlimited love of friends, family, and my tribe. And last (but certainly not by least, for sure!) I would summon a very special someone who sees the mystery, joy and beauty within me, and commits to be my partner and friend for life. WOW. Already, I feel 2021 shaping up to be an epic year!

So, what’s on your list?

Have you experienced success in manifesting magic in your life? What happened? How did it happen? Share your story in the comments.

Let’s make 2021 the biggest, best, most magical year EVER.

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